Virus is spreading throughout the world
and many people are infected.

Papa made cosmetics brand ‘Papa Recipe’ is
giving away free Anti-virus Spray.

Hope our small caring and loving toward
world will also reach you.
Let’s fight together.

Love, ABT beauty & Papa Recipe


How to Participate 
  • Please fill out everything on the link above to participate.

  • Giveaway is limited to 1 (one) Pure Mineral Antivirus Spray Per Customer.

  • Spray will be given as a gift for free of charge while supply last.

  • Shipping is also free. But you may be asked to pay tax or customs.This is not covered by us.

  • Local or Global Shipping could be delayed due to current situation.

  • Spray is sold by Papa Recipe Brand from South Korea.

What is an Anti-virus Spray?

  • Spray with 100% Mineral helps with effective on sterilization, cleaning and deodorization.

  • Anti-virus Spray is safe for anyone to use.

Anti-virus Spray Features

  • Spray with 99.9% sterilizing power.

  • Removes germs that cause the smell.

  • 100% Pure mineral is colorless, odorless and nontoxic. 

    (Contains: Ionized water, Electrolyte)


  • For customer who wants to sanitize surroundings.

  • No-harm to human body, but fights virus.

How to Use

  • Spray where cleaning, deodorizing and sterilizing is needed.

  • Spray with a moderate amount and wipe off any residue.

  • Spray it on stainless steel or glass and wipe immediately after use, 

    as it may cause stains if left

  • Aluminum and positive material may be corroded by ionic reaction, 

    so be careful.

  • Do not use lacquer tables or furniture because they may lose their luster.

  • Do not use natural leather or silk.


  • Water, Potassium, Sodium


Q. Is it effective on virus?

While no clinical trials have been conducted on the virus, anti-virus sprays are alkaline, leading to a remarkable breakdown of the lipids surrounding the surface of most viruses. It is an excellent deodorant disinfectant that has strong sterilization power but is harmless to the skin and body.

Q. How does it hold negative ions?

Antivirus sprays consist of water, sodium, and potassium, which meet with water (H2O) and sodium (Na)/ potassium (K) to produce a large amount of OH- molecules to produce negative ions. In addition, OH- and sodium (Na) are usually combined to form a toxic sodium hydroxide (NaOH-), but their products are patented technology and do not combine OH- and sodium (Na) for clean, non-toxic use.



Charity work


Due to current pandemic, Papa Recipe (ABT ASIA, INC) has been donated continuously to local government or those who needs care and help.As the company is related to beauty & health, to fulfill social responsibility the company has been interested in helping the society to realize the value of a company.

* Estimated $240,000 of relief goods have been or expected to be donated by end of April 2020.


  • Posted on by Nancy
    Need to stay safe fight viruses
  • Posted on by Shannon
    My children and I will not leave the house but my husband runs around every day non stop and I am scared to death that he will bring it home to us and I can’t let that happen. By e doesn’t relieze the seriousness of what is going on in the world and continues not to listen. Please if there’s any way you could send one to us I would be so very grateful. Thank you
  • Posted on by Deidre brock
    I would love one so i can give it to my dad we cant find any and i fell better if he had one
  • Posted on by Tammy Buggs
    Thank You so much, stay safe and blessed!
  • Posted on by Darla Hickman
    Yes i would realky love to try this

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